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We do one thing, and we do it well

We distribute media releases worldwide, to English-speaking ecotourism media. We do this by email direct to our proprietary list of thousands of ecotourism journalists, broadcasters, editors and freelancers.

We also submit to ecotourism news agencies, wire services, and provide an RSS feed. Our emphasis is on the North American market, but we also distribute releases to major ecotourism media in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We target consumer ecotourism publications worldwide.

Editorial services

Ecotourism-Newswire.com's professional editors are standing by to write your release. We can interview you and your team, and write a release from scratch. Or we can take your release and hone it to maximize its appeal to members of the ecotourism media. Additional charges apply for our editorial services, please contact us for details.


There are no recurring fees to use Ecotourism-Newswire.com. Just pay as you go. Our fee is $800 per release of up to 1000 words. For releases greater than 1000 words, the fee is doubled. Really folks, shorter is better. To submit a release, click here.


Q: Can I include photos and video in my release?

A: We encourage use of photo and video, as they greatly enhance the "pick-up rate" of your story by the ecotourism press. However, including photos and video in your actual release vastly increases the "bounce rate." In other words, rich media keeps your message from reaching the media and being read by them. Here's our "best of both worlds"

Solution: Upload relevant video and photos to the online media kit area of your web site. Share that URL with the staff of Ecotourism-Newswire.com. We will review your material. If appropriate, we will add a Note To Editors to your release, letting the media know that video and photos are available.


Travel media professionals: subscribe to our ecotourism press release distribution service by entering your information here. We respect your privacy.

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