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If you are a ecotourism organization looking to tell your story to the ecotourism media, we can help.

All releases must be written in AP style. Experience shows that the most effective press releases are written in a journalistic style. Please avoid any "advertorial" tone in your releases.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We review all media releases prior to acceptance, for style, news value and accuracy. We reserve the right to withhold the distribution of any releases which are not written to professional standards.

If you are ready to tell the world about your ecotourism product or service, please contact us via email to get things started.

Editorial services

Ecotourism-Newswire.com's professional editors are standing by to write your release. We can interview you and your team, and write a release from scratch. Or we can take your release and hone it to maximize its appeal to members of the ecotourism media.

Additional charges apply for our editorial services, please contact us for details.


Travel media professionals: subscribe to our ecotourism press release distribution service by entering your information here. We respect your privacy.

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